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    Tucked away in the heart of the city


Located in Lufthansa Commercial Area, the most sophisticated and vibrant commercial area in Beijing and the cradle of Beijing's internationalization, Beijing SOHO Residences has a total gross floor area of 66,618 square meters and 224 highly-specified luxury apartments.

Only 5 minutes by walking to Lufthansa Center, Beijing SOHO Residences enjoys easy access to an internationalized urban life. Being adjacent to the embassy area, it also enjoys its quietness and privacy. In addition, sophisticated urban facilities including top-drawer hotels and office buildings as well as luxury brand stores are desnely located within this area.

You can catch a glimpse of the exclusive scenery of the embassy area and the beautiful Liangma Canal in Beijing SOHO Residences and each apartment has either the view of the canal and beautiful trees or the bustle of Beijing's CBD.


Double-layered breathing curtain wall of Beijing SOHO Residences creates a tranquil and highly comfrotable space for residents. Meanwhile, the steel-frame structure also ensures the safety of the building. Designed by the award-winning interior design firm, Beijing SOHO Residences features exquisite interior decoration, modern furniture and complete set of house appliances, making ever unit a relatively complete living environment. Beijing SOHO Residences marks a new chapter of SOHO China's development.



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Beijing SOHO Residences

No. 5 Xinyuan Street

Chaoyang District, Beijing