Fully Furnished Apartments

Exquisite Interior Decoration + Modern Furniture + Completed Set of Electric Appliances + Award-Winning Designers

The design of Beijing SOHO Residences is of super luxury, with a garden balcony serving as an open room, a sitting room and bedrooms with complete set of electric appliances, durable materials (e.g., timber and stone), and a Spa room with a panoramic view of the city.

The beautiful glass and steel frames of every apartment are designed with great care to ensure a purer space and a more pleasant experience. Exquisite decoration plus carefully-curated modern furniture and accessories make every unit a realtively complete living environment. Beijing SOHO Residences marks a new chapter in the history of interior design.

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Beijing SOHO Residences

No. 5 Xinyuan Street

Chaoyang District, Beijing